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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Birthday Party, Cowboy Style

Going Back in Time

America's Favorite Carpet Cleaner

Monday, September 08, 2008

CBM & Bear's Visit to West Virginia

Hot Rods

We LOVE must be in our blood.

We miss you, Ali!

Thanks for coming out to see us!


Little Joe

FB made a discovery in our yard a few weeks ago--a little baby robin had fallen from the nest and was rejected by his bird-mom. FB named him "Little Joe." So, we welcomed him into our zoo and nursed him back to health. We set him free when he learned to fly and he still visits us from time to time.

Roxanne turned 2 in September


Eve turned 9 in 2008

Here are some cute pictures of Eve (AKA "The Beaver"), who turned 9 in July 2008. We are so happy that she's a part of our family.

Chicago Marathon '07

Mom, Nacho, and I flew out to Chi-Town in Oct 07 to see my sis race her 3rd Marathon. It was so hot that day, that the race was cancelled due to the extreme heat. We still had a blast.