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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Little Roxanne

Two weeks after Killian died in October, my guy surprized me with a puppy, a little german shepherd we named Roxanne. She is very sweet and is starting to look a lot like Killian.

Roxy is now 5 months old and is super spoiled! She's been to the TOE several times -- Thanksgiving, Christmas, & MLK. She's also been to the ocean, camped on the beach, and vacationed in the mountains of WV.

Roxanne at 5 weeks.

Roxy camping on the beach for HP02's B-day

Me and Roxy in the mountains of West Virginia in mid-November

Roxy meets her aunt

Big Cheyenne cuddles up to little Roxy

Cheyenne lends Roxy her cowgirl hat.

Roxy's first xmas in Toledo.


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