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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back to Normal!

After 4.5 months living in the basement, or as my guy calls it--the dorm, we have a functioning NEW kitchen and are living back on the main floor....HOORAY! We are all in noticibly better moods, especially Mr. Chips, and are able to prepare home-cooked meals! Oh how the restaurants in Del Ray will suffer.

The happiest, however, is Ms. Killian. The Old Lady Love is able to relax by the front door and enjoys watching the squirrels playing in the front yard.

While we are on the topic of good news and the Lady, seems the fancy-pants antibiotics she's been on for 10 days have KILLED the deadly bacteria (pseudomonas) in her bladder. I am beside myself with excitement! After 12 years, the Old Lady is still kickin' it, thanks to Merck and its wonder-drug. I love the pharmaceutical giant for saving my dog's life. Oh, and I'm thankful to be an employed DINK who is able to afford the small fortune that is the wonder-drug. THREE CHEERS FOR THE OLD LADY!!


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