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Friday, August 25, 2006

From Little Bear to Mr. Bear...

One year ago today, this fluffy, sweet puppy hit the jackpot when my sis rescued him from the streets. From that day on, he's been ruling the roost and slowly taking over the apartment.

Even though he's becoming a man, he still manages to go into the full puppy rampage, turning the apartment into a war-zone.

Congrats on your one-year anniversary!! We LURVE the Bear!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back to Normal!

After 4.5 months living in the basement, or as my guy calls it--the dorm, we have a functioning NEW kitchen and are living back on the main floor....HOORAY! We are all in noticibly better moods, especially Mr. Chips, and are able to prepare home-cooked meals! Oh how the restaurants in Del Ray will suffer.

The happiest, however, is Ms. Killian. The Old Lady Love is able to relax by the front door and enjoys watching the squirrels playing in the front yard.

While we are on the topic of good news and the Lady, seems the fancy-pants antibiotics she's been on for 10 days have KILLED the deadly bacteria (pseudomonas) in her bladder. I am beside myself with excitement! After 12 years, the Old Lady is still kickin' it, thanks to Merck and its wonder-drug. I love the pharmaceutical giant for saving my dog's life. Oh, and I'm thankful to be an employed DINK who is able to afford the small fortune that is the wonder-drug. THREE CHEERS FOR THE OLD LADY!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kitchen Update

As of August 9, the Kitchen is operational! The floors are done, the cabinets are installed and awaiting shelving, the appliances work, and the homeowners are READY to move out of the basement! The only major thing left to do is seal the concrete countertops, which are currently covered in a plastic protector.

A huge thanks to Nacho, HandyManHotPants, and TeamHotPants for all their help this weekend!

HP01 assists the fellas with the concrete mixture

HandyManHotPants and HotNacho build the frame for the concrete countertops

HotSpeedo helps with the pour

Birthday Weekend with Mom and Cheyenne

My mom came down to visit with little Cheyenne, who has grown quite a bit in the last 2 weeks and is now as tall as Sally!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Killian's routine

It seems Killian has quite a fan club and wishes to thank those that have stopped by to see her, including Amy, Todd, and Karina. THANKS!!

The Old Lady is still going to water therapy twice a week and acupuncture. Both of which help keep her active and alert. We've done some biking in the buggy, but it's just too fucking hot for any of us to be outside. Hopefully, the weather will break soon so she can resume the biking and walking in her wheelchair.

So part of managing the Old Lady's perpetual bladder infection is a good cleaning 2-3 times a day, which she absolutely loves! In fact, she is so relaxed when I am cleaning her that she falls asleep. I took these pics of her the other day during one of "baths," poor thing is shaved all over from her I.V., her heart monitor, and the ultrasound...