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Friday, July 21, 2006

Killian relaxes at home

The Old Lady is all tuckered-out after water therapy with Morgan in the AM. Here she is relaxing in the air-conditioned basement...

Puppy Cheyenne, just hangin' around

Cheyenne loves to nap on the Beaver's bed

...and eat the big-dog's food. Who needs a bowl when you can eat right out of the can?

Check out those paws!

Mr.Chips defends his territory against the warrior, Cheyenne

How funny is this?? Mr.Chips made quite a fuss when he noticed the puppy had crawled into his cage and started snacking on his leftovers. Apparently, Chips climbed back into his cage and bit Cheyenne's butt until she launched out of the cage. What madness!

New Kitchen...50% complete

Target date for completion...August 7!

These are 100% handmade cabinets by NACHO...rock on Nacho Libre!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Some of my favorite pics of Killian

Here are just of few pics of my little Old Lady that have yet to appear on this blog...

Killian & Kiley hang out with grandma

In the Element with all the HotPants' triathlon gear

Killian loves to kiss mom & dad

Her old lady ramp!

These pics are taken last spring in Toledo. I love the one of her and Kiley stalking the squirrels from inside the house.

Killian and Sally Ann guard the house.

Killian hangs out on the beach at Assateague for Lone's B-Day last year.

I love this pic! It's from our canoe trip in May 2000, when we rolled the canoe on the rapids. Notice Killian floating away from the wreckage wearing her life vest.

Killian love her aunt!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The HotPants in Philly!

HP01 & HP04 hit the I-95 for the first annual Philadelphia Women's Triathlon. Thanks to ClevelandHotPants for coming out to cheer!!

For all the details and results, visit TCP's site

Fourth of July, Toledo-Style

It's dogs dogs and more dogs over the 4th of July holiday. I packed up the FOUR dogs and Mr. Chips in the Element for the 8 hour drive. What a scene!

Little Chyenne is getting bigger by the day and the Beaver has taken over as her dog-mom. Killian enjoyed all the pampering that comes with going to grandma and grandpa's. Here are some of the highlights...

In memory of Kiley, HP01 finishes the Bath Co TRI in record (personal) time

Monday, July 10, 2006

HP01 loves to spoil her nephew, Little Bear

The Beaver hides from the thunder and fireworks

Little Cheyenne meets her family

The New Addition: Cheyenne

After the tragic loss of Kiley, Fort couldn't allow Mom and Dad to be without a canine companion. So he drove to St. Mary's county, Maryland and found a beautiful german shepherd puppy, which mom quickly named Cheyenne, after the birthplace of Kiley. Welcome, Cheyenne!